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Chile 2021-2 Market Outlook

 Chilean Market Outlook for 2021-2 TLDR; Fundamental and Technical analysis for the Chilean stock exchange. Political finances, inflation are the major threats to the system. The technicals are showing weakness to maintain a sustainable trend. Introduction 2021 is a major year for Chile since during this one, we will elect a new president, governors, we are still suffering the side effects of the COVID-19 (quarantines and curfews), and even we will start the writing of a new constitution . Despite the secular regime change, the local markets reflect this volatility, and a new narrative is being built along the way. Therefore, in this article, I will transmit what potential risks and technical setups are appropriate to analyze to see the forest and not get lost in the threes for the rest of the current year ( 2021 ). Please be aware that some visuals will have annotations in Spanish. This is because my potential readers are from Chile (we speak primarily Spanish). You can find the o