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Mostrando las entradas de agosto, 2021

A list of SDKs that may help your next project

Now that I work independently, I can code whatever I want, whenever I want. One of my favorite things to code and publish is SDKs (Software development kits) related to APIs, specifically financial APIs. This helps analysts standardize the layer of data extraction and helps them work with the actual stuff they are good at. Extract insights for educated guesses about the market. Without further due, let me show you a list of curated financial SDKs that may help your work as an analyst or trader (be aware that some of these SDK will be in Spanish):  End-of-Day data extractor This library is the Python 🐍 unofficial SDK for the EOD Historical data REST API. It's intended to be used for data extraction for financial valuations, macroeconomic analyses, sentiment analysis, option strategies, technical analysis, development of machine learning models, and more! Variance Ratio Test These statistical te

A Chilean Economic API

During the last few years, I've been searching for new projects to do in my free time. After searching and prototyping several options, I came with the idea to implement an SDK (Software Development Kit) for an API. With that being said, I found a GitHub site called " Listado de API’s Públicas en Chile ". This site has a comprehensive list of public and free-to-use APIs made by Chileans. Among the available categories, you can find:  Government Transport Economy Entertainment Weather Among others The one that I've chosen is related to the Economy. The name of the API is Mi indicador  (my indicator in English). I choose it because of my profession. Additionally, it would allow Computer scientists, Economists, Social scientists, and any other person interested in economics to systematize their ideas into algorithms for rational decision making, rather than following a narrative from the news centers or from the central planners. Despite my ambition of pursuing a new p